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We have many firearms and accessories available for purchase here. If you are purchasing a firearm you will need to either pick it up and do the paperwork at our office in North Phoenix, AZ (by appointment only) or have it shipped to your local FFL for transfer to you. Please read " How Do I Buy Firearms" before ordering. Accessories can be shipped directly to you. 

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Featured Products

Used Taurus PT92AF 9mm Pistol
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Tapco Intrafuse M16 Style Flash Hider for AKs
$14.99  $13.95
In Stock.
Used Glock 19 9mm
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Century Canik TP9SF 9mm Pistol - Black
Out of Stock. Free Shipping.
Taurus 24/7 Gen 2 45 Compact Pistol
Out of Stock. Free Shipping.
Glock G43 Single Stack 9mm
Out of Stock. Free Shipping.