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Did you find a great deal online for a firearm? 

  • We charge $30 for each transferred firearm shipped from a business. The business will need to provide their FFL information in the shipment for processing.
  • We charge $30 for each transferred firearm shipped from an individual. Please note that transfers shipped from an individual must include a copy of the sellers photo ID.
  • Transfers must be picked up within 7 business days of delivery to our store. Failure to pick up your firearm in a timely manner may result in additional storage fees of $5/day ($25/month max for pistols, $50/month max for long guns).

NFA Transfers

  • We charge $60 for each suppressor transfer, $100 for any other NFA item. NFA items are not subject to transfer fees if purchased directly from us. No transfer fees for items purchased through SilencerShop.com when you select us as the dealer.
  • All NFA items are processed through SilencerShop.com. There is a $30 processing fee for this.
  • There is a $30 Silencer Shop Kiosk Fee. Fingerprints are done on the kiosk. This is fee is waived for customers purchasing directly from MLS Arms.


You are required to provide government issue photo identification AND proof of Arizona residence. In general, your drivers license will suffice. If you drivers license does not have your home address on it, you will need to provide something from a government agency that has your name and home address on it. No your insurance card will not work. No your bank statement will not work. Those are not government agencies. If you can't figure out what is from a government agency and what is not you are out of luck.

It's up to the purchaser to make sure they can receive a transfer. If you can't you are out of luck. It's up to you to arrange returning the firearm to the seller. You are still responsible for paying our fee. I'm sure you don't work for free, we don't either.

What if I buy a firearm online and then I get denied during the background check process? You are still required to pay us the transfer fee plus any storage fees due and the fees for shipping the firearm back to the seller. The seller of the firearm will likely also charge you restocking fees (if they will accept your firearm at all). We highly suggest you check on return policies before you purchase; this is especially important if your legal background may be questionable. 

If the firearm you purchased is a product we would normally sell in the store we may make you an offer to take the firearm off your hands, however, keep in mind that we are dealers and buy at cost and you buy at retail so our offer will be considerably less than what you paid for the firearm. 

Please ask the seller of the firearm you are purchasing from to send us an email requesting our Federal Firearms License (FFL) documentation by using our contact us page on this website.