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How Do I Buy a Firearm


No firearm purchases available for sale in CA, CT, MA, NJ, NY. No exceptions.

Check your state and local laws for any regulations that may apply. By purchasing a firearm from MLSArms.com, you agree that you are legally allowed to do so. Per Federal law, you must be 21 years or older to purchase firearm receivers/frames & 18 years or older to purchase long guns.

We SHIP TO VALID FFL's ONLY (Federal Firearm Licensee).Find an FFL Dealer Near You

Confirm the receiving FFL will accept a transfer from us for the applicable firearm.

It is the customer's responsibility to coordinate arrangements for the receiving FFL to send a valid, signed copy of their FFL to info@mlsarms.comPlease include the business or trade name as it appears on the FFL license, city & state of FFL in the "Comments" section of your order for our reference & faster processing.

If we have shipped to your FFL in the past, please enter "FFL on file" with the FFL's name as listed on the license in the "Comments" section of your order. (FFL on file must be still current & valid)

Your order will be processed and retained until ALL required documents are submitted to and received.

For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on firearms, thus all firearms sales are final.

IF you are denied for a background check through a the transferring FFL and the firearm(s) must be returned to us, you will be assessed a 15% re-stocking & paperwork handling fee plus the cost of shipping upon pending refund.

Shipping will include insurance as well as signed delivery to your FFL.